About Me

I’m currently available for freelance work starting in February 2018. If you’re interested in working with me, please get in touch at me@kennygoff.com.

The name’s Kenny! I’m not that Kenny G and I don’t play saxophone, although I wish I did. I am a web developer, indie game developer, comedian, and tabletop game designer. I’m currently doing freelance web development and game development full time. Before that, I spent over 4 years building the web platform at Enhatch, making marketing content distribution easier and sales and inventory tracking more efficient.

I really dig Javascript and React, and that’s been a keen area of interest for me in recent days, but my heart still has a place for Python and Django. Accessibility practices and tools feel both daunting and necessary and I am making a concerted effort to learn and improve in that area.

I try scratch my creative itch with UI/UX design and I dabble in pixel art. In another timeline I’m a comic book artist, but in this timeline I taught myself C++ so I could make games and never looked back. I am perpetually a student at UCB Theatre writing sketch comedy and doing improv since 2012.

I love games and have worked on a lot of them over the years. I successfully launched a board game on Kickstarter in 2015 with some college friends. Before that I made a little platformer that got sponsored, then got featured briefly on Newgrounds. These days when I work on games I use Haxe, one of my favorite languages for building cross-platform software and games.

Long story, short: I’m Kenny and I make things.