• I primarily write in Javascript and React, with more and more TypeScript
    • I use Gatsby when I can, and Next when I need a webapp with Server-Side Rendering
  • For mobile, I reach for React Native
  • I use Haxe, OpenFL, and HaxeFlixel for game development
  • I don't do much server development but I've used Node and Python with Django in the past
    • I'm really into GraphQL and have been messing with Hasura and Prisma to build GraphQL node APIs
  • I mainly use GitHub for code hosting and all my projects (public and private)
    • I've been working a lot with GitLab recently, and really like it's integrated CI/CD

Editor & Terminal

  • Visual Studio Code is my main editor of choice
    • I moved to VSCode fairly recently after 7 years using Sublime Text
  • I use the default dark theme in VSCode, and regularly customize the title bar colors per-project
    • I used to use Ayu Dark/Mirage in Sublime, but didn't like the look of it in VSCode
  • Chrome is my main browser, but I have been using Firefox more and more
  • I use iTerm 2 for my terminal on macOS, and mainly interact using a dropdown workspace triggered by "ctrl+`"
    • On Windows I also use a mix of Hyper and the terminal in VSCode
  • I use Zsh and Oh My Zsh using the "robbyrussell" theme


  • I use Notion for note taking and link-saving
  • I started using Figma for design, but also have Sketch where I have designed in for a few years
  • I use Microsoft To-Do for a light task list to help me keep track of loose tasks


  • I mainly use a 13" Macbook Pro with Touchbar (2019) kitted with 2.3 GHz Quad-Core i5 and 8GB ram
    • I also have a custom gaming PC that I do Windows work on occasionally, running an i5-7500 and GTX 1060
    • My old 13" Macbook Pro Retina (2013) I use as a spare computer and have dual booted Ubuntu for testing on linux
  • My desk is an Autonomous Smart Desk 2
  • My chair is a baby blue ErgoChair 2, also from Autonomous
  • My Macbook sits on a Rain Design mStand
  • I use the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Trackpad (1st gen)
  • I've beenlistening on a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M50 headphones for years
  • I use a Blue Yeti microphone for voice recordings
  • I use an old Timbuk2 blue/black slim backpack
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Kenny Goff
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