My work

I run Inwave Labs, a game and product development studio. I work with companies to create digital products, websites, and apps. I'm a freelance developer well versed in product development, project management, and team leadership.

What I build:

  • Lightweight, fast-loading static sites: Everything from marketing sites to landing pages and from blogs to portfolios
  • Modern web applications: Dynamic applications built for the web to fit your needs or the needs of your customers
  • Mobile iOS & Android applications: Experiences streamed and tailor-fit to mobile devices
  • Cross-platform 2D games: Games built for the perfect platform — whether that's web, desktop, or mobile

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Feed Each Other

I worked with Feed Each Other to build a new version of their mobile app. The app was built using React Native and Redux. I led the app development efforts, laid out the app architecture, and set down best practices for the rest of the team.

Role: Front-end Engineer
Technology: React Native, React, Redux, Javascript


Double Turn

A pro-wrestling fighting game, out now on Steam in Early Access. I designed and programmed Double Turn, and teamed up with Phil Giarrusso and Orb Soundwerx to handle art and sound, respectively. I also developed the website.

Role: Producer, Designer, Programmer
Technology: Haxe, OpenFL, HaxeFlixel


From the Ashes

I built a website for amateur Overwatch esports community, From the Ashes. I designed and developed the website using React and Gatsby. The site includes live status from the Twitch API for all players active on the live-streaming site.

Open source on GitHub

Role: Web Developer (Volunteer)
Technology: React, Gatsby, Javascript


Feed Each Other Toolbox

I helped Feed Each Other rebuild and simplify their internal and restaurant-facing menu management tools. The Toolbox was developed as a Vue.js web application.

Role: Front-end Engineer
Technology: Vue.js 2, Vuex, Javascript



Prior to starting Inwave Labs, I was the Director of Web Development at Enhatch. There I led web development efforts and primarily built a content management platform and app builder in Python, Django, and Javascript. I also ported their customizable iOS app platform to Android using React Native.

Role: Director of Web Development (2015-2017), Web Developer (2012-2015)
Technology: Javascript, Python, Django, React Native