Hey there!

I'm Kenny, a freelance web developer and indie game developer.

I build games, web sites, web apps, and mobile apps.

I'm currently working on Double Turn, a 2D party brawler game.

Web & App Development

Available starting in June

I love breathing life into a new project, whether it be a simple static website, a rapid prototype to prove a concept, or a production-ready app. I specialize in front-end development, but enjoy working at any level of the stack.

I regularly build web apps in Javascript, React, Python and Django. I also make mobile apps in React Native. I'm very interested in exploring Vue, Node.js, Electron, Haxe, and Clojure, among other technologies.

If you're interested in working with me to expand your existing development team's bandwith, explore new products with a prototype, or just launch a new website for your business, please get in touch at me@kennygoff.com.


Here's a sampling of my past projects, prototypes, and open source libraries.

  • kennygoff.com: This website you're on right now.
  • zenn: A minimalist and focused to do list for Android and iOS (React Native). [GitHub]
  • bonfire: Project management platform for software teams written in Backbone, Node, and MongoDB. (Senior Design, Stevens 2015)
  • piston: Barebones static site generator for Jinja2 templates written in Python. [GitHub]


  • Double Turn: 2D brawler fighting game inspired by pro wrestling, currently in development for PC.
  • Mr. Game!: Dynamic, chaotic party board game. (Co-designer) [Successful Kickstarter]
  • Abducted: Metroidvania-style platformer about fighting aliens. (Design, Programming, Art) [Play on Newgrounds]

Latest Posts

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