Hey! 👋

I'm Kenny Goff, a creative developer.

I enjoy building tools to save time and designing games to spend it. I'm a senior web engineer, a TTRPG game master, and a dive bar dart player. I run an independent software company, Inwave Labs.

My projects

Screenshot of 5e Campaign Wiki template

5e Campaign Wiki for Notion

A Notion template to help you run your 5e campaign. Set up with ready-to-use databases for players, NPCs, session notes, encounters and more. Plan and run your games with ease all within Notion.

Screenshot of 5e DM Screen template

5e DM Screen for Notion

A DM Screen and 5e quick reference in a Notion template. Quickly look up 5e rules, player stats, and more in this digital DM screen that is easy to extend and modify.

Screenshot of pixel art wrestling game, Double Turn

Double Turn

A pro-wrestling fighting game. I designed and programmed Double Turn with the help of an artist and sound design team. It's out now on Steam and itch.io.


Here's a collection of articles I've written, spanning a few different topics. I treat this much more like a digital garden than a chronological blog, so I'll keep this section updated over time with my favorite posts, musings, ideas, and advice. It's an ever evolving project as is the rest of this site.

Photograph of Kenny Goff

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